There are two types of trust- Public trust and Private trust. Private trusts are governed by Indian Trusts Act,1882 and public trusts are divided into charitable and religious trust.

Private trusts are created by mutual agreement or by will for the benefit of 1 or more individuals who act as beneficiary . Public trusts are created for the benefit of public at large for religious activities, social welfare, to target on eradicating poverty, providing employment, providing education to the oppressed, offering medical help, food supplies, etc.

Public trust can be registered or unregistered. A registered trust enjoys certain benefits like Tax exemptions, managing the assets, avoiding legal issues.

All you need to do is to submit the below mentioned documents.

  • Proof of registered office - (Rental Agreement/Utility bill)
  • ID proof, Address proof and photographs of the Author and trustees.
  • Two witnesses.

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